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  • Welcome to Eastbourne Swimming Club

Welcome to Eastbourne Swimming Club

Eastbourne Swimming Club is the oldest and largest competitive swimming club in Eastbourne. Founded in 1866 the club has a proud history of not only teaching swimming within the community but also creating swimmers who have  represented the club, Sussex and at National levels. 

Swimming at Eastbourne Swimming Club you will be part of our valued "TEAM"

Eastbourne Swimming Club Offers:

  • Beginners Lessons - Learn to swim with Eastbourne Swiming Club
  • Improvers Groups - Develop your skills
  • Squad Swimming - Our Competitive swimming sessions
  • Survival Classes - Learn how to keep yourself and others safe in the water
  • Diving - Learn to sumersault, twist and pike in the diving pit

Club Night

The main club night is Monday at Eastbourne Sovereign Centre although we also utilise a number of other local pools for other sessions throughout the week.

Swim Trials

Do you want to be part of the "TEAM"?

If you do we need you to come along and trial with us so we can see you swim. Our trials are held Monday evenings. To arrange a trial with Eastbourne Swimming Club please click on the button below.

Annual Membership Subscriptions

"Members are reminded that their Annual Membership Subscriptions are due as from 1st January 2017. If they are not paid by 1st February 2017 then the non-Members will not be allowed to participate in their disciplines until the overdue Subscriptions are paid, as per our Constitution and Rules. The 2017 Subscriptions remain the same as last year. Please visit our Club Desk on a Monday night to complete a new Enrolment Form, pay the Annual Membership Subscription and receive a new Membership Card."