The welfare of all children within Eastbourne Swimming Club is of prime importance. There are codes of conduct laid down by the ASA which all clubs and their members are required to adhere to.
James Nock is Eastbourne Swimming Club's Welfare Officer, who works in conjunction with the Head Coach and all other adults involved in the running of the club.
Where groups of children are involved, small differences can often be blown out of all proportion and as parents/guardians we should all be aware of this.
If your child complains to you about another child or parent please do not approach the other child or the other parent directly, the club prefers that you follow a procedure which usually works well.  Any problems that are occurring in club sessions should first be reported to one of the poolside coaches for them to try and resolve. The Head Coach will become involved with any issue that is not immediately settled.
Matters arising outside of club sessions that may impact on the smooth running of the club should be reported directly to the Head Coach who will attempt to resolve the matter in an informal way with the parties involved.
Any matter which cannot be immediately resolved to everyone's satisfaction will be recorded on an official incident form which the Head Coach & the Welfare Officer will report to the Management Committee. A decision on what further action is to be taken will then be made. This can include taking the matter through the ASA Code of Conduct procedure to instigate an official investigation.
This is an absolute last resort and we generally find that most problems are best resolved a long time before this is required.
Club Codes of conduct should then be signed by all members, for all disciplines, and parents and handed in with membership details when joining.
These following links state both the club's rules and policies as well as the ASA's.