Improvers Groups are split into five sections as follows:


A pre-improver will be introduced to the four strokes of competitive swimming. A strengthening of the horizontal position, an emphasis on the streamlining, and an improvement in both endurance and strength.

Improvers 1 to 4 

In our first two groups of improvers (improvers 1 and 2), the improvement in the four stroke techniques will be focused on Development of starts and turns will give swimmers confidence in their abilities to compete.

In Improvers 3 and 4, will see further development of all four strokes. The work on the starts and turns will be reinforced to prepare our swimmers to join the squads. The teaching of tumble turns front and back will be developed and swimmers will be expected to begin entry into competition.

Attendance to training sessions will be expected to increase throughout the development of each swimmer, from one training session a week at the beginner level, to 2-3 sessions a week in the improvers groups.