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01/01/2014 Changes

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Volunteers Needed

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Elvers Gala

Please note that the closing date for entries to the Club Championships has been extended from Monday 5th May until Monday 12th July due to the Bank Holiday.

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Gala Guidelines



To enter galas, a swimmer must be a member of an ASA affiliated club. Your ESC membership is due for renewal every January.

What to Take to a Gala

Where possible, wear ESC club gear so you can be identified on poolside and in the water, and look and feel part of our team.
You will need to wear your team gear for any photographs, not just a swimming costume.
  • 2 towels – one for on the poolside and a dry one to use at the end of the gala
  • Chamois – if you have one. These are great for drying off as you can wring them out.
  • goggles – and possibly a spare pair of goggles, in case one pair breaks (ensure both pairs fit correctly)
  • swimming hat – and possibly a spare hat in case one breaks (ESC hats please).
  • a spare costume – some swimmers prefer to change into a dry costume rather than sit around in a wet one
  • poolside shoes – to walk around poolside. They MUST be worn if you leave poolside.
  • T-shirt & shorts – to wear on the poolside. These will need to be worn if you leave the poolside
  • drinks – to sip between races. The poolside is hot and you will dehydrate. Note – no fizzy drinks; do not take glass bottles or canned drinks onto the poolside
  • food – Open meets can last all day so you will need food. A meal (eg pasta) is good about an hour before an event to keep energy levels up, with snacks in between if necessary. Sugary sweets and jelly are not a good idea as sugar gives an energy rush that only lasts a short time leaving you feeling more tired afterwards
  • something to do – at open meets which last all day. Note that items can get wet or lost at pools, so do not bring anything that you do not want to see wet or lost!

Arriving at the Gala - BE ON TIME

Team Galas – report to the Team Manager/Coach so they know you are there
  • On poolside, there will be a notice detailing which swimmer is competing in which event – find your name and remember the events.
  • The team will be allocated a lane (2 lanes in Sussex League) – remember which lane!
Open Meets – you will need to sign in or sign out or withdraw to indicate if you are there on the day of the Meet and want to swim. This is done before warm up of each session.
  • signing in – you sign in to say you are swimming
  • sign out – the Team Manager/Coach has to sign out any swimmers not on poolside and/or not competing, before the warm up commences for each session
  • withdraw – you need to withdraw from the event (or advise team manager to do so)
If you don’t sign in, or you are not at the pool on time and are signed out, you will not be swimming in that session. Some open meets carry a penalty for swimmers who do not sign out/withdraw from an event and don’t turn up to swim in it. Sometimes this is a fee, sometimes points are deducted from the club point score.


At all galas, Open meets and training sessions you are representing Eastbourne Swimming Club. We expect your behaviour to be exemplary on the poolside, in the changing areas and other areas of the pool complex.

On Poolside

  • At team galas there will be a couple of Team Managers or Whips with the team to help organise swimmers for their races.
  • At open meets there will probably be only 1 person with swimmers on poolside. They will help organise swimmers for their races to send them to the whipping area.
  • At all galas, if you leave the poolside, you must tell the person on poolside with you where you are going. They may need to find you to swim a race.
  • Check the results board at an Open meet. At some meets, events are decided by finals. You may be in a final. If you are a reserve, stay around as you may get to compete in the final if another swimmer pulls out.
  • Medication – If you are taking medication or carry an asthma inhaler, tell the person on poolside with you. It is not their responsibility though to ensure you take it.

Warm Up

Use your warm up to get used to the pool. Practise your turns to see how your feet/hands grip the wall. Most walls and even timing pads feel different. Practise your dives and starts to get used to the starting blocks, they can vary in height and grip.


  • At the end of the race, stay in the water until instructed to leave by the referee.
  • Over the top starts – if the gala is using over the top starts, this means that swimmers of one heat stay in the water until after the start of the next heat.
  • When a swimmer finishes a race, they hold the lane rope away from the wall staying in their own lane (so as not to hit the time pads if being used). As soon as the next swimmer has dived in, those holding the lane rope quickly climb out of the water (if electronic timing is in use, swimmers MUST duck under the lane ropes and climb out of the sides of the pool. Do NOT climb out over the time pads).
  • After you get out, see the Team Manager/Coach. You may need a swim down.

During the gala

  • Cheer your team mates on; in Team Gala’s we have a swimmer in every event...
  • Congratulate your team mates...
  • Be sporting...
  • Keep warm and dry between your events…
  • Enjoy your swimming...


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