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01/01/2014 Changes

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Elvers Gala

Please note that the closing date for entries to the Club Championships has been extended from Monday 5th May until Monday 12th July due to the Bank Holiday.

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Tips for racing faster



A few tips from my notes when I observe ESC swimmers at Club Championships. Keep visiting this page as I will update the FAQ after each club championships.

Jeanne - Head Coach 

Individual Medley

In your butterfly to backstroke turn(s), as well as breaststroke to front crawl turn(s), don't raise your shoulders up – far above the water surface - to swing your legs under. You don't need to, you are losing time, and your arms are not recovering. The shoulders remain at the same level from the swim to the turn, up to the the push off when they disappear underwater.

50-m sprints

Go fast up to the walls! Do not slow down when you approach the wall and use your speed to turn fast. The wall is here to help you gaining time, not losing time.

Backstroke and front crawl

It is not about technique and how beautiful you look but about turning the arms fast with a strong kick. Your technique has improved through your hours of training. It is too late to think about it during a competition.

In backstroke, make sure you keep your chin up throughout the whole race.


Because you have to turn the arms fast in a sprint, it is easy to shorten your stroke in butterfly. Make sure you keep entering your hands at shoulder's width.


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