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01/01/2014 Changes

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Elvers Gala

Please note that the closing date for entries to the Club Championships has been extended from Monday 5th May until Monday 12th July due to the Bank Holiday.

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Competition-related terms & abbreviations



There are many terms and abbreviations used in swimming. This lists some of them. If you come across another that I haven't listed, let me know and I'll include them.

Ann - Gala Secretary

Click here for more general terms and abbreviations used in the swimming-world.

HDW Heat Declared Winner – The event has no finals; the winners are determined from the heats.
T/O (T.O) Time Only – when a competitor's swim in a gala is for a 'time only' and is
not included in the point score or for any awards.
NTE No time entered
Bk or Bk/s Backstroke
Br or Br/s Breaststroke
Fr or F/S Freestyle (meaning any stroke, except in relays)
F/C  Frontcrawl (also called overarm)
Fly or B/fly Butterfly

Individual Medley – Swum in the following order: Butterfly; Backstroke; Breaststroke; Freestyle. (A medley relay is a different order).

Note: a medley relay is swum Backstroke; Breaststroke; Butterfly; Freestyle.

DOB Date of Birth
EBT Event Best Time – best recorded time for an event at a gala
DQ Disqualified; there has been an infringement of the rules of swimming.
DNF Did Not Finish; the swimmer started the race, but did not finish.
Did Not Start; the swimmer did not start the race.
PB Personal Best
QT  Qualifying Time; meets may require a swimmer to be able to swim a certain time to gain entry. There can be Upper and Lower QT's.
CQT County Qualifying Time - a time that qualifies for County Championships.
NQT National Qualifying Time – a time that qualifies for National Championships.
'Age as at' The age a swimmer will be on a set date (usually the last day of a gala).
Short course
25m pool; the Sovereign Centre gala pool is short course.
Long course
50m pool; Crystal Palace is a long course pool.
Note: K2, Crawley, can be used as both a 50m and 25m pool.
SER South East Region of the ASA (the ASA Region we are affiliated to)
Level 1 Licensed Meet The highest level of licence for a gala aimed at swimmers wanting National qualifying times.
Level 2 Licensed Meet Aimed at swimmers wanting Regional qualifying times.
Level 3 Licensed Meet Licensed gala aimed at swimmers wanting Regional/County qualifying times.
Level 4 Licensed Meet Lowest level of licence for galas.


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