Silver Squad Development Plan

Swimmer's profile/ criteria:

  • Competed at all Club Championships and all open events to include (800/1500m FC, 400m IM & FC, 200m fly) It is understandable that they may be times where attendance is not possible due to holidays, prior commitments (must be authorised by coach) and illness. If swimmers miss or do not seek authorisation from their coach for their non-attendance the swimmer may not qualify for moving squads and this could affect they status within the squad.
  • Represent Eastbourne Swimming Club at various individual and team competitions
  • 3 sessions minimum a week
  • Aim for County Championships or better;
  • Use Insweep for:

Undertaking targets for each competition (goal setting)

  • Complete a daily/ weekly log book
  • To abide by the swimmers code of conduct at all times

There may be exceptional circumstances when a swimmer may be moved to a group without achieving all parts of the criteria and this will be at the discretion of the Head Coach and / or Head of Performance


  • Maximizing race technique (starts and turns, push off, strokes’ technique);
  • Optimizing race tactics (pacing strategies);
  • More emphasis on middle and long distance (i.e. 200-m and 400-m races) alongside speed;
  • Learning additional key concepts associated with swimming training (Nutrition and hydration strategies for recovery, and goal setting in particular).

This stage is important for:

  • Further development and mastery of sport skills
  • Aerobic system development (on-set of growth spurt to peak height velocity a critical window);
  • Maintenance and consolidation of skill, speed, and flexibility;
  • Strength development;
  • Learning the mental skills required to deal with competition;